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Aspire with Placement Guarantee

Aspire with Placement Guarantee


Get your first job in business dev, sales or operations by learning the skills every employee needs.

With our placement guarantee, you can focus on success in your first job!




Live Classes


22 Aug 2022

Start date

40 hours

Workshop duration



Live Classes


22 Aug 2022

Start date

40 hours

Workshop duration

Unlock additional bonuses worth ₹50,000
by signing up today

Guaranteed job offer with a min CTC of Rs. 3. LPA in Sales, Operations or Marketing

Access to Eqvip’s community and premium jobs

Free placement prep to improve your CV and interview skills

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Instructed by

Amrita Gupta


Freshers Trained
for Employers




Hours of Training Content



Amrita started her career as an HR Executive for Intrasoft Technologies. She has spent more than 15 YEARS in Training and Development of candidates entering the workforce. Her experience on the employers' side has made her an expert in training freshers in skillsets that employers want.

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Do you need it?

Eqvip’s placement guarantee allows you to focus on what is actually important – success in your first job

Eqvip’s research-based understanding of what companies are looking for will help you both crack interviews and succeed at work

We Eqvip you with the skills you need for career success

What you will get from the course

Written and spoken communication in a business setting
An orientation towards goal setting and using data in your work
Active listening and taking good notes you can learn from
Presentation skills which will help with clients and internal stakeholders
CV evaluation, interview prep, and help with your LinkedIn Profile
A PLACEMENT GUARANTEE with a minimum CTC of Rs.3,50,000 per annum


Week 0 will have a single live session where we will get to know one another. Everyone will introduce themselves. You can use the opportunity to learn more about your peers and instructors, and you can ask questions about the course.

You need to be able to write clearly, succinctly and precisely in order to succeed in the business world. This week will focus on writing for business with a special focus on email writing. There will be three live sessions.

People early in their careers tend to struggle with managing time. If you can learn to do this well as early as possible, you will be on the path to career success. There will be three live sessions.

In today’s world, data is everywhere and available in large quantities. Hence, more than ever before, every single person needs the skills to work with data. There will be three live sessions.

You need to be able to negotiate well, whether in a client facing role or with internal stakeholders. You even need to negotiate well to get higher pay. There will be three live sessions.

Presentations are a very important part of how work gets done in the knowledge economy. Your presentations need to be clear, precise, coherent and compelling. There will be three live sessions.

You need to take good notes in order to action anything. That requires active listening and writing well. There will be three live sessions.

Setting goals and working towards them is crucial at work. If you wish to grow in your job, you have to do more than just follow instructions. There will be three live sessions.

To get a job, you need more than just skills. You have to have a good CV and the skills to crack interviews. There will be four live sessions.



On successful completion, you will receive a certificate from Eqvip that enables you for Priority Access to our Job Portal and to apply for premium Jobs visible only to members

Frequently asked questions

We promise you a job offer at at-least Rs.3,50,000 CTC per annum in Sales, Operations or Marketing within six months of the end of the course.

You qualify if you complete the course. Course completion involves missing at most two sessions and completing all the assignments up to a satisfactory standard.

Premium Jobs are jobs on the Eqvip portal that are not visible to regular users. If you have Access to Eqvip’s Premium Jobs then you will be sent unique opportunities via Email and you can apply from there. Premium jobs usually are much better job profiles with higher salaries.

You get a certificate if you complete the course. In order to do that, you must submit all the assignments and projects, and miss at most two classes.