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What is the behavioural pattern of fresh undergraduates?


What will you do after you finish college? Have you decided on something yet? Are you sure about this decision?

These questions are asked frequently to the fresh undergrads; it almost feels like a daily routine to answer them. While the intent of the people who put these questions may be good, it still feels like a taunt.

The anxiety that comes up at the end of the final year is crazy. There may be people around who have figured it all out.

On a lighter note, it is normal to feel this way. Life is not a race that one has to win. Everyone has different paths to choose from at a different pace. Your peers may want to become fashion designers after completing a degree in engineering. And, that would be okay too.

Generally, undergrads are expected to do something immediately after the completion of their degree. On the contrary, many of them do not decide on a fixed thing.

This generation has a lot of wanderlusts. Travelling has become a very important part of their lives.

“It feels good to be lost in the right direction”

The idea behind travelling right after completing college is to explore oneself, take a break from the tedious daily routines and finally have some relaxing time in life.

Some people begin to earn while travelling. The source of income is either blogs, vlogs or picking up small jobs at the travel destination. It sounds like a fascinating idea. Yet, it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The risks associated with travelling must be taken care of.

Apart from the adventurous students, the behavioural pattern of others is quite different. There is a right mix of students having different preferences and goals.

According to a survey, classification of undergrads has been categorised as:

  • Sprinters (35%) – They jump right into their
  • Wanderers (32%) – They take time to get into their
  • Stragglers (33%) – They spend most of their twenties trying to get a kickstart in their careers.

The sprinters choose the right career for them by either of these choices:

  1. Getting a job: It was easier to get a job in earlier times just after completing your undergraduate degree. Unfortunately, it has become super hard

Employers do not trust fresh graduates. It is assumed that they do not possess the right amount of skills to perform a job efficiently. Students with a post-graduate degree are given preference.

The students who manage to get a job are either underpaid or have to struggle a lot to reach a comfortable level in their careers.

Luckily, many training and placement companies have entered the market to solve this issue. Students are provided with quality training that can land them the job of their dreams with a mere undergrad degree and loads of experience.

  1. Joining a startup– Joining a startup can be Some may work out while some may not. However, the creative freedom that comes within a newly run business organisation is worth the risk.

Individuals who are passionate about their work and aim to use their skills as per their choice and freedom prefer the idea of being in a startup.

  1. Starting up a business– An idea can turn into an actual business followed by proper planning, organising, staffing, directing and

Many students tend to pitch in ideas in front of industry experts, advisors and mentors. These ideas are a result of what they have learned so far. Some of them initiate the idea.

The initial funds for the business may come from family or angel investors. Some universities offer funding as well, provided that the business idea is concrete and has the potential to flourish.

  1. Pursue a Post Graduation Degree: Many students plan to pursue a post-graduation degree right after the completion of graduation. It seems to be the right option for them due to multiple reasons. Since they are already in a student mode, it is easier to continue studying rather than taking a gap year. It also helps them bag higher and better opportunities for the future.

Some students consider pursuing a master’s degree abroad. Thus, they plan their future goals while being an undergrad student. The procedure behind getting admission abroad is cumbersome and it requires patience. It is generally advisable, to begin with, it before the beginning of the final year.

Data suggests that sprinters make up only about one-third of today’s graduates. They usually have a plan figured out and experiences in the form of internships, volunteering and practice.

However, it is false to assume that the other two are not on the right path. Every individual has a different way to do things.

Wanderers often do the following things:

  1. Gap Year: Gap year is commonly applied to students who take a break from regular studies because of multiple reasons. Some spend some time with their family while some are saving up and preparing for a post-graduation

During this time, individuals are inclined towards things that are not related to studies.

  1. Starting a family: Some individuals meet their soulmates during the period of wandering. It brings them to a different phase altogether. The primary focus lands on starting up a family of one’s

It is assumed that wanderers never jump back into the game of career building. However, this statement is untrue. Many of them take their time. Some settle with what they already have. But, some people continue to hustle back in the industry after a short or a super long break.

The last category of Stragglers is often criticised for not doing the best in life. It is dishonourable to do that, because they have reasons of their own that may include fewer funds, family problems, health issues, etc.

During this phase, stragglers often do the following things:

  1. Freelance– Freelancers are self-employed people who do not work for a particular company but multiple of them. It includes catering for the needs of the customer by using your skills to their
  2. Part-time job– Many stragglers are preparing for government jobs and competitive jobs. It disrupts them from the opportunity of getting a proper Thus, they do part-time jobs to sustain a basic livelihood.

It can be concluded by stating that the behavioural patterns of students are diverse. The factors affecting these patterns range from a clear plan for the future to simply choosing a career out of guesses.

While life may seem to rush in the blink of an eye, it is not necessary to follow the herd and do what they are doing. The only person who should be deciding as to what you should do once you finish your undergraduate degree is you.


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