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Journey of a Fresher from campus placement to probation

Journey of a Fresher from a campus placement to probation


Sarah, a fresher from one of the country’s reputed colleges had an adventurous roller-coaster ride starting from hectic campus placement to the first three months at her very first job.

Freshers like Sarah exist in all corners of the world. All of them have their stories to share. Some ace their campus placements, while some are not able to get placed.

Their stories always land them on different paths but their journeys are similar. Freshers experience the most exciting and stressful time of their lives. As soon as the placement season kicks off, most of their time revolves around discussing jobs and the future.

Emotionally it’s a roller-coaster when companies, shortlist and interviews don’t pan out the way you want and there is the added pressure of expectations and maybe a student loan.

Thoughts during a campus placement

A student thinks of multiple ideas when they have various companies on their campus. Can I apply to all of the companies? What should I wear to my interview? Should I accept the first offer I get? Will I get in?

It is extremely common for students to have these thoughts. However, smart students do not fall in the pond of these thoughts and prepare themselves for the placement in the following ways:

1 . Time Management

Depending on your choice of career, figure out which actions will maximise your chances of selection. If you are a commerce student seeking a job in your area of specialisation, then in-depth knowledge of your core subjects will be critical. If you are switching to humanities, you should be learning, practising and upskilling your desired skills. You may begin by looking for an internship in the desired field.

2 . Study your company

Every college witnesses several companies during the placement period each year. Students shouldn’t apply to all of the companies. Thus, students figure out a set of companies they wish to apply to.

After choosing the desired companies out of all, the next step is to study and analyze the working of each company.

What are their selection processes in terms of test, interview, case interview, group discussion, psychometric test, cover letter, statement of purpose etc. ? What is the process of shortlisting and how many students will they select? It gives a fair idea of the chances to get into each company and how much time would be required to prepare for each of them.

3 . Resume Building

Every student’s CV/Resume plays a crucial role in determining their selection. CV building is a difficult task because colleges and companies generally have certain guidelines that must be followed while writing your CV.

It must be carefully crafted and should be completely honest. Every student must showcase the talents that set them apart from others.

A great CV comes out after considering the advice and experiences of the people in the industry.

4 . Off-Campus Alternatives

Wise students generally do not put rely fully on on-campus recruitments. They spend a fair amount of time hunting for jobs outside the campus.

It gives them another door to open in case the campus recruitment does not go well. Platforms like LinkedIn are used to find out about potential companies.

Students realise that getting rejected in campus recruitment is not the end of the world. There are a lot of companies that did not make it to your campus but are potentially looking for freshers like you.

5 . Ace your interview

Generally, every company has multiple screenings before they select any individual for the final round of the interview. If a student worked hard to make it to the final round, they must also ace their interview.

A confident individual who has set some goals to achieve for them is preferred over someone nervous and quiet. Students must prepare well for their interviews and get their first-ever job happily.

This preparation journey can take a toll on a fresher’s mind and lifestyle. It can be hard to understand and to play a guessing game during this critical time is fatal.

Thus, students generally enrol themselves in training and placement agencies that help them prepare for their interviews and also provide a pool of opportunities.

It makes their work easier. The probability of getting the perfect first job also rises. 

Training period of a fresher’s first job

The fresher finally lands the perfect first job. They are delighted and want to learn as much as they can. They wish to be super-productive and bring out the best in themselves.

The first ninety days of a fresher’s job are generally considered to be their training days.

They are not assigned any core tasks and focus on honing their basic skills.

Many companies hire a training agency that provides high-end and efficient training to the freshers that make them relevant in the industry. Companies give a detailed description of their expectations from a fresher. Training and placement agencies follow it and use it to train the freshers in a just manner. It saves a lot of time for the company.

During the probation, freshers also analyze and implement the following things:

1 . Job-readiness

There is widespread dissatisfaction among employers while recruiting college graduates or freshers. There are several things amiss when it comes to freshers– focus on their job, taking initiatives and being efficient, accepting procedures and protocols, and being flexible.

Since freshers come from an environment that did not oblige them to be responsible, they behave irresponsibly.

To solve this problem, freshers must show their willingness towards work and should always stay ready to perform the job effectively. Freshers must understand the realities of the workspace and work accordingly. On the other hand, the employer should also serve as a helping hand in this situation.

2 . Find your work buddy

Companies generally provide a buddy to every new hire. The buddy serves as the role of an actual work friend who helps the new hire understand the working of the company effectively.

However, if your company did not assign you one, you must look for the friendliest person in your workspace. Freshers must not feel embarrassed even while asking stupid questions. It is possible that answering those questions would clear the doubts of many people at the workspace.

3 . Establishing new goals as per the manager’s expectations

Once the goal of getting the right first job is fulfilled, the fresher must set goals that match with the expectations of their superiors. Their training programmes already offer training with the guidelines given by the company itself. The freshers can use that information to their advantage and set new goals accordingly.

“This is a great opportunity to get some early feedback on what you are doing right, what needs to be done better, and how you can spend your time next week for the greatest benefit of the team,” Natalia Autenrieth wrote on TopResume.

4 . Familiarise yourself with the company culture and workers

Understanding people dynamics play an important part in determining the success of any individual at the workplace.

No matter what size the company, people dynamics are a major factor in how people get hired, fired, and promoted, and they also have a great deal of impact on your day-to-day experience at work.

Several key points that can be understood are:

  • Do they use email or chat for interaction?
  • Are there formally scheduled meetings or informal discussions?
  • What are their lunch and break timings?
  • Are the calenders followed strictly?

5 . Remember that everyone was once new to their job

The training period can overwhelm any individual. It may lead to stress and anxiety among individuals. Freshers must remember that everyone has been through this phase.

They must not panic and give their best for the company. If your mind is in the right direction, you will eventually get there.

The journey of a fresher from a campus placement to probation is hair-rising. It is one of the most memorable experiences of any individual’s life.

If you are a fresher who is about, to begin with, their applications, you must gear up and start preparing well.



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