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6 astounding job profiles to be ready for by 2030

future job profiles

Thousands of individuals wake up every day and prepare themselves for a job profile that does not
even exist yet. Some of them continue to surf the web to find articles like this one, to have a deeper
understanding of what the future holds for them. One is always awestruck by the enormous
contributions made by AI- operated devices. Cars are driving themselves, cleaning machines are
wiping floors off and your virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa are talking to you and solving your
queries like a friendly neighbour. Thanks to Elon Musk, a humanoid robot is also on its way to make
things smoother for everyone.

However, it leaves humans with a pounding heart and a brain full of anxious thoughts. ‘What if I do
not get a job?’ or ‘What if I am irrelevant in the industry?

It is completely normal to have questions like these because the super-advanced technology may
take over some of the most common jobs in the industry today. The pandemic resulted in
accelerating the speed of this replacement. Many people lost their jobs. Fortunately, this does not
mean that all of you will have to knock on the doors of unemployment. This evolution will be very
similar to what occurred years ago. One could see several people working as car mechanics in the
90s. The number significantly reduced with the introduction of machines that could fix cars without
human aid in the 2000s. But, the car mechanics were not wiped out altogether. Every task needs a
human touch to be performed effectively.

With the furtherance of AI in the work culture, several job profiles will be created by the end of the
decade. Organizations like Cognizant and LinkedIn have conducted detailed research concerning the
jobs in future. Here is a list of six astounding job profiles that are all set to launch by 2030:

1. Walker/Talker
2. Man-Machine Teaming Manager
3. Financial Wellness Coach
4. Data Trash Engineer
5. Virtual Store Sherpa
6. Aerospace Engineers

1. Walker/Talker

As time passes by, one is left with very few people in life. This could be because of multiple reasons
including the inability to maintain friendships, death, work pressure or even mental health
conditions. With the development of proper healthcare infrastructure, death rates have also
reduced significantly. Sadly, not everybody has people to talk to daily. This is likely to worsen shortly.
Present teens are already detached from human interaction. This formulates a roadmap for future
teens to follow. The world will be a bitter-sweet place with everything accessible by a single click but
no one to talk to.

The Walker/Talker comes in to solve this problem by ‘one click’ funda as well. The job profile of a
walker/ talker will include listening to people and giving their undivided attention to them. The key
asset that this job holder must possess should be patience. There are so many sources of
entertainment available to everyone. This reduces the attention span of individuals and they get
distracted easily. The right amount of patience will result in the effective handling of the individuals.

The walker/talker will be available to you through your mobile phone. The interface will be very
similar to the already-existing dating apps. A person who is around you and is free shall come to you
to talk and walk. As a walker/talker, you will spend time with the customer on an hourly basis. The
average walker/talker is expected to listen more, and give a homelike feeling to the customer. They
will be rated based upon certain standards such as friendliness, tone or behaviour.

It is worth noting that this job does not require you to have a specific background or life experience.
Police-approved background checks, tech-savviness and travel- friendliness shall land you this
extraordinary job in the future.

By becoming a walker/talker, the value added by you to society shall rise to higher levels in the
future simply because of the ‘human emotions’ factor added in a world of robots and humans who
are just like robots.

2. Man-Machine Teaming Manager

For men may come and men may go, But I go on forever.”

Machines have entered the workspace and are here to stay forever. Humans, on the other hand,
may not last forever due to their mortal nature. But, the truth lies in the fact that machines go handin-
hand with men. A proper Man-Machine collaboration that includes an amalgamation of strengths
of each side is necessary. AI strengths include accuracy, speed, computations while human strengths
include emotional intelligence, judgement, empathy.

A prospective Man-Machine Teaming Manager shall be expected to develop a well-functioning
interactive system that will facilitate proper communication between the two ends. With a stagnant
jump in competition among organizations, ‘the survival of the fittest’ fundamental shall prevail. In
simpler terms, organizations that would be able to manage their men and machines effectively
would sustain themselves with no fear.

The manager must perform certain specific responsibilities such as:

  • Formulate a task allocation tree for the unique functions performed by humans and machines respectively.
  • Create and manage diverse teams including marketers, engineers, managers and assign specific machines to them.
  • Provide support and encourage learning of new updates and devices.

The candidate must have a set of qualifications including neuroscience, engineering, robotics and HR
to be eligible for this job position.

It is vital to note that this job will be categorised among the best jobs offered because of the critical
value it holds.

3. Financial Wellness Coach

Digital currency is already making attempts to replace the traditional one. You may notice many
people around you using Bitcoin, Dogecoin to make their payments. This seems to be an attractive
and viable option to handle one’s finances digitally. However, the unspoken truth lies in the fact that
huge amounts of money are lost during this process. The reasons behind this could be lack of
knowledge, hacking, or lesser interaction with respective banks.

It is obvious to state that digital transactions are likely to increase at a whopping rate by the end of
the decade. This would also lead to a significant boost in money- leakage. A financial wellness coach
will then act as a crucial asset to save oneself from the risks associated online.

A physical wellness coach keeps a track of your health and provides feedback accordingly. The task
of a financial wellness coach would be similar. Encouraging healthy financial habits, engaging with
customers, providing support and giving them a chance to embrace their financial destiny would be
the key roles.

A financial wellness coach must possess a degree or equivalent knowledge in business and finance,
management skills. They should also abide by the legal and statutory frameworks of the banks and
should be able to handle different personality types. The pandemic resulted in making individuals
super comfortable by allowing them to work at their convenience from their respective homes. This
job position allows one to reap that benefit in the future as well.

4. Data Trash Engineer

Trash or garbage never looks pleasing to the eye. It is supposedly of ‘no use’ and shall be removed.
However, this statement does not hold to be true in many cases. Some garbage is not garbage after
all. For example, food waste is carbon that can be used to produce green energy. Similarly, old data
can be used as a resource if it is cleaned properly.

Data that is twelve months old and has not been used by anyone for significant purposes can be
used to bring out desired results. The amount of data has reached the uncountable mark. This calls
for data trash engineers. Since the amount of data is likely to increase in future, data trash engineers
would be required in numbers.

5. Virtual Store Sherpa

With the advent of coronavirus, stores became human less. While this served to be fruitful in saving
costs and manual labour, it was not so satisfactory for the customers. Customers miss the old-fashioned
method of sales. They are often pounded with the anxiety of not being able to select from
a vast range of products. The ‘human touch’ lacks.

As a virtual store sherpa, you would be required to assist customers virtually. You may offer your
expert advice, and allow the customers to make their minds up. Aggressive selling must not come
into the picture. This would help the customers to make a wise decision and bring the desired level
of satisfaction among them.

The requirement of this job would include a high school degree, relevant knowledge of products instore,
kind and calm behaviour and good communication skills. This job can be performed at the
comfort of one’s home and can also be taken up as a part-time- job to earn that extra income.

6. Aerospace Engineers

Recently, Jeff Bezos went on a trip to space. It served as a key milestone in Amazon’s efforts to make
space tourism viable. Unfortunately, fingers were raised at the company concerning the
environmental damage caused by a single trip.

However, this will not stop organizations like Amazon from bringing this tourism into the
mainstream industry. The common man could go to space for a trip soon. The need of the hour
would be to hire aerospace engineers who would have expertise in this field respectively. They shall
also be expected to introduce environment-friendly technology in the market. This demand for these
engineers will increase sharply.

This industry would be revolutionizing in more ways than simply one. Apart from tourism, the job
profile would also include data handling in space, drone management, development of newer
technologies, etc. This stream would require highly skilled engineers with years of experience and
commitment to work with zeal. If you are interested in this field, you must begin with the
preparations now. It is rightly said, ‘The sky is the limit.’

Opportunities don’t often come along. So, when they do, you have to grab them.
-Audrey Hepburn

The future is full of opportunities. The fear of AI taking over man’s job is unnecessary. When a man
develops new technology to solve a problem, the new technology develops a new problem to solve
for the man. This is a series of loops and it is impossible to escape it. Many jobs will wipe out. But
many new jobs will also be created. The individuals who are committed to making a beautiful
pathway of success shall grab every opportunity that comes their way and bring about revolutionary
changes in their lives and society.


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