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About Us



EQVIP aspires to help young professionals discover and realise their true potential by bridging the gap between their college education and professional skills. We provide proper guidance to college students ​and equip them with the right tools and mental models to help them accomplish their goals.

Unfortunately, the education provided at most colleges becomes irrelevant and obsolete once the students enter the ever-changing professional world. With the lack of guidance and experience, many find it difficult to chart a proper career trajectory for themselves. This can set them back many years in their professional life.

EQVIP prepares students for the real world. We partner with employers to identify skill gaps; thereafter, we provide development programs to college students to fill these skill gaps.

Our main distribution partners are colleges where we offer training curriculums to all of their students. If Eqvip has not yet reached your college, do not worry. We also provide our training programs directly to you. You can find these programs on our website here


Let’s Work Together

If your goals and aspirations match our mission, we would love to connect over a coffee.

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